How will you escape: A Tale of Survival

puzzle escape game

Puzzle escape game: How will you escape

Andrew went on a solo trip to an island, for an adventure and he wanted peace from his busy life. Andrew works in the cinema industry and he loves taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes. He decided to rent a private boat and gathered all the necessary items for the trip. Finally, it was the day to leave for the island. Andrew seemed very excited, but before leaving he forgot to check the weather forecast. There was a storm warning in the area where he was heading.

After reaching halfway his journey took an unexpected turn when a dangerous storm hit and his boat crashed into the rocks of an isolated island. He was lying unconscious on the shore, luckily he survived and reached on the shore. He regained consciousness after an hour and realised he was stuck on a remote island and felt dizzy because of the impact of the boat on the big rocks. He lost most of his items in the storm which he packed for the adventure and immediately started looking for it.

puzzle escape game

He decided that he will wait for any passing by boat to get rescued He began exploring the island and started gathering food and water. It started to get dark and he decided to build a shelter to pass the night. Next morning, he began exploring the island again. As he was exploring he saw some wild animals and he saw a big footprint which scared him, as he went more deep into the forest he saw dangerous animals which can easily take his life.

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He heard some spine shaking sound from the nearby bushes and a wild animal appeared in front of him, he began running towards the other end of the island as the wild animal was chasing him, he saw a river in front of him and three boats on the shore of the river. Andrew had to make the quick decision to escape from the island, it was like a puzzle escape game, but at that moment it was life and death situation. He quickly made a decision and got on the boat and left the island immediately. If you were in his position which boat you would have taken to escape from the island?

puzzle escape game


He took the paddle from the boat A and took the Boat C to escape.


As you can see in Boat A there is a hole on the bottom but the paddle on the boat A is absolutely fine, which has high chance of sinking in the river and there are crocodiles in the river which can easily kill him.

If he takes the boat B, Boat B is also damaged and the paddle on the boat is broken as well and the boat B is tied too which makes it more harder to escape in boat B.

Now the last remaining boat Boat C, boat C is absolutely fine but unfortunately paddle of boat C is also broken. So he used his clever mind and took the paddle from the boat A and decided to escape in Boat C, which shows that his decision making abilities are really good.
He jumped into the boat as quickly as possible and started paddling faster, As he sped down the river, the wild animals lost sight of him and he safely escaped the island.

The story may seem like the puzzle escape game but whenever he thinks about the incident he praises himself for making the right decision by carefully analyzing the situation. This was only possible by staying calm, As he sailed away from the island, he knew that he would always be thankful for the decision he made that day that saved his life.

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