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Challenging riddles from sphinx

Adventure with Challenging Riddles

Here you will find a variety of Challenging puzzles to test your brainpower. Put your brain to the test by solving challenging puzzles made to keep you entertained and engaged. Are you prepared to go on a journey of the mind? Scroll down and checkout the riddles with answers and their explanation!

Riddle #11

I’m not alive,
but I can die.
I’m not solid,
but I can cry.
What am I?

Riddle #11 by SpHiNX

Answer: Candle


So, we are well aware of the properties of a candles. It is something that burns and lights up the things for better vision. Here, a Candle acts as an object, and is non-living. When we light up the candle, it has limited wax that will finish after some time. Once the candle completely burns, or if someone blows it, it doesn’t act like source of light anymore. The wax used here has properties of liquid, making it non-solid. When it burns, the wax is compared to that of tears streaming down. Hope it clears everything.

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Riddle #12

I’m a flicker in the darkest night,
A tiny star with a faint light.
Make a wish, hold me tight,

What am I, a glimpse of celestial might?

Riddle #12 by SpHiNX

Answer: Firefly or Lightning Bug


A Firefly is beautiful insect with amazing lights which is visible in dark. Fireflies create light effect which is mesmerising when one see it at night time. It is then compared to stars, because of the similar nature to emit small and tiny light rays. People often hold them in hands and make wishes which is good experience. While we see them at night, they no longer looks less than stars and the celestial objects around the universe. Hope it clears everything.

Riddle #13

You see a boat filled with people.
It has not sunk,
but when you look again you don’t see a
single person on the boat. Why?

Riddle #13 by SpHiNX

Answer: All the people were married


This is an interesting riddle, which revolves around the married people present in the boat. The boat usually floats over water, which is used for travelling around, and people use it as means of transportation. Here, all the people present in the boat are married. And, married people are with their partner, rather than being “single”. Here, the word “single” has multiple meanings to refer to. Hope it clears everything.

Riddle #14

I build up castles.
I tear down mountains.
I make some men blind,
I help others to see.
What am I?

Riddle #14 by SpHiNX

Answer: Sand


Sand can be commonly found everywhere around the world. They act as basic building material to build something. The sand which is found around beaches is often used for playing or building castles from it. The sand can even cause natural disasters due to the multiple nature that it acquires. However, huge movement of sand can cause landslides. While doing any activity, if sand gets in our eyes, it causes irritation can make someone temporarily blind. Fact: The glasses/goggles that we wear are made using sand only! Hope it clears everything.

Riddle #15

I can be long, or I can be short.
I can be grown, and I can be bought.
I can be painted, or left bare.
I can be round, or square.
What am I?

Riddle #15 by SpHiNX

Answer: Finger Nails


Everyone has nails on their fingers. We always have choice to either grow them as long as one wishes to, or we can cut them down using nail cutter. A person can let them grow, or you can buy fake one’s in the market. You also have option to paint them with different colours, or let them be as they are. You can even maintain their shape and size, which can both be circle or square. Hope it clears everything.

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