5 Tricky Riddles for a Mind-Bending Challenge

5 Tricky riddles

5 Tricky Riddles for an Exhilarating Mental Adventure

Today we will be solving 5 tricky riddles with their answers and explanation. These riddles are not hard but with just a game of tricky words. If you have some mind bobling riddles that you want to share with us and the community, you can submit your riddle with us.


What can you see in the water that never gets wet?

Riddle #16 by SpHiNX

Answer: Reflections/Shadow


This interesting riddle is about something which can be seen inside the water but does not get wet, In order to find the answer you need to first understand the properties of water. Water is a natural mirror, it reflects everything like objects, trees, humans etc. Interesting part about the riddle is that it has only one line but contains the deep meaning and it is little bit tricky as well. Since water reflects everything and reflections does not get wet so reflections is the correct answer. There is an alternate answer which is shadow.

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What time of day when written in
capital letters is the same forward,
backwards and upside down?

Riddle #17 by SpHiNX

Answer: NOON


This tricky riddle shows the mystery of time, according to the riddle the word is read same forward and backward, these type of words are also known as palindrome. Time of a day is usually divided into four parts such as morning, afternoon, evening and night and another casual way to write afternoon is “noon”, but remember there is another property mentioned in the riddle that the word is also same upside down, so writing “noon” in capital letters “NOON” can be read same upside down. Hence NOON is the correct answer because it stays the same if you read it forward, backward and upside down.


What is as big as elephant, but weigh nothing at all?

Riddle #18 by SpHiNX

Answer: Shadow of the Elephant


This riddle shows the word play by making the solver thinks about big objects but this riddle requires logical thinking. Solver needs to focus about the things which does not have any weight or any physical existence and things that cannot be touched yet needs to compare it to the size of the elephant. There is only one things fits perfectly in this situation that is shadow of the Elephant. Shadow of the Elephant can be the similar size of the elephant or even bigger than the Elephant and doesn’t have any weight as well.
Sometimes answers are simple and can be easily solved by the proper breakdown of the riddle.


If you have me, you wanna share me, if you share me, you haven’t got me.

Riddle #19 by SpHiNX

Answer: A Secret


There is no particular information about any object is given in this riddle, there is deep meaning hidden inside this riddle. It can be a object or something which does not have any physical existence but if you breakdown this riddle, a secret is something which you cannot share with any other person because it loses its value if you share it with others or it doesn’t stays a secret anymore, it can be anything such as private information, a place to hide and your goals etc. Sometimes there are unclear information given in the riddle so it always good to gather information as much as possible to solve the riddle quickly.


I’m where yesterday follows today and tomorrow is in the middle. What am I?

Riddle #20 by SpHiNX

Answer: A Dictionary


This riddle is confusing and tricky, the more you read this riddle more confusing it gets. It makes you think about the connection between time or how today, tomorrow and yesterday is connected. Dictionary is the map of words in which “I’m where yesterday follows today” describes that yesterday comes after today and tomorrow also comes after today but it comes before yesterday that is in the middle of both today and yesterday. This tricky riddle shows the word play and solver needs to focus on the connection between today, tomorrow and yesterday. So the answer is Dictionary.

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