Find The Killer: Timelaps Mystery.

find the killer

STORY: Find the killer

In a peaceful countryside, Adam and Emily used to live in a villa, their home is always filled with laughter and love. Adam is a manager in a multinational company, He is very punctual, he goes to the office at 8:00am sharp and comes back to home around 5:00pm. Adam is going to get a promotion soon. Emily is a great cook. Adam and Emily was planning to open a cafĂ© for the tourists near their house. Besides Adam and Emily there is one more person who lives with them, security guard Ron and housekeeper Bella works at their home. Bella lives in the nearby street. Bella shift starts in the morning at 10:00am and ends in the afternoon 2:00pm.One day big disaster falls upon them, Adam’s wife Emily was murdered by someone.

Find the Killer Scene 1
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Adam calls the police immediately. Police starts investigating the case as soon as they arrive and immediately seizes the house, police founds the weapon in the backyard and keep looking for the other clues. Police began questioning the three suspects, suspect 1 housekeeper Bella, suspect 2 Adam and suspect 3 gatekeeper Ron.

Police asks: Where were you all when she was murdered.

Each of them starts giving their alibi.

Find the Killer Scene 2

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Adam (Husband): I come home from office at 5:00pm, she was already dead when I arrived at home, she was lying dead on the bed.

Bella (Housekeeper): Sir, I have no idea, my shift ends at 2:00pm, I went back to my home after finishing all the house work.

Ron (Gatekeeper): Sir, I was outside the house at the gate, I. did not heard any sound, I have no idea either.

After hearing the the alibi from each person police catches the Killer.


Killer is Adam.


Adam mentioned in his alibi that “he come home from office at 5:00pm and she was already dead when he arrived at home, she was lying dead on the bed.”

But during the fight between them their wall clock broke and if you clearly see the timing on the clock, it was stopped at 5:30pm so when. so how it is possible that Emily was already dead. Police arrived at 6:00pm and noticed the clock and the timings and caught the killer. So among all the three suspects Adam was lying and killed Emily and threw the knife in the backyard.

Reason behind killing the Emily was, Emily started suspecting Adam of having an affair with the colleague. Emily’s suspicion began to had been growing since she saw the change in behaviour of .Adam assures the Emily that there is no one else but Emily couldn’t believe Adam. The conflict between started to rise day by day and heated argument finally broke.

Their marriage started falling apart, Emily’s doubt started increasing and finally truth came out. Emily found the proof of Adam’s affair, she founds the messages of secret meeting which made everything clear.

proof was in Emily’s hand and with the sadness and rage Emily made her mind that she will leave Adam. She decided to cut all ties with him and also threatens Adam that she will inform the police and file a case against him. Emily wanted to start a new life but, wanted to be free from the pain but Adam was also in rage and made the harsh decision of killing the Emily because he didn’t wanted Emily to call the police but Emily had already decided that leaved Adam with no other choice and unfortunately killed her.

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