Logical Riddles to Challenge Your Mind


Logical Riddles: The Perfect Entertainment for All Ages

Looking for some fun and engaging Logical riddles to solve, here you will find it all. We have collected the best riddles that are perfect entertainment for all ages. If you like our riddles then share them with your friends and enjoy solving them together.

Riddle #113

I have a mouth on my head and eat everything. What am I?

Answer: Bag


In this riddle speaker is asking for something which has an opening on the top like a mouth and eats everything. So the answer is “bag”, it has opening at the top and we can keep all over items in it. This riddle is very interesting as it describes the quality of bag like a living things which create confusion , a bag has a top which act like a mouth to a body and eat everything describe that we can keep anything to a bag.

Riddle #114

If you eat me, my sender will eat you. What am I?

Answer: Fishing hook


Answer to this riddle is ” fishing hook”, we attach a bait to a fishing hook and if a fish eats a bait the owner of the fishhook geta a fish. There is direct relation of bait and owner to the fishing hook, here in this riddle if you eat me describes the bait attach to the fishing hook and any sender will eat you describes the owner who is holding the fishing hook.

Riddle #115

I hold two people together but touch only one. What am I?

Answer: Wedding Ring


The correct answer to this riddle is “Wedding Ring”. Wedding Ring has it’s own significant value, which binds partners. It defines that a person is already committed to another person. It has been declared and agreed from both the male and female side that they are in a relationship. But, the wedding ring is usually worn on one of the finger, hence it physically touches only one.

Riddle #116

I am too much for one but not enough for two. Give me to a third and I am gone. What am I?

Answer: Secret


The correct answer of this riddle is “Secret”. A Secret is something that you barely share with anyone, and if you do, you only do it with someone special or the one you trust in. If one person has a secret, it might disturb the person and when it is shared to another person, it usually feels good. But secret is something remains in very small circle or group of people. If it is shared with another person, it might end up being common thing for everyone to know, which kills the secret.

Riddle #117

You can build or destroy. Let creativity soar but be careful at night. What am I?

Answer: Dream


The correct answer to this riddle is “Dream”. A person can dream whenever he wish to as it is just the part of your thought process, and nothing can stop you from doing so. A dream is the beginning of what you can achieve, or what you could be at any moment. It can build anything one wishes to for themselves or even to others. You can be as creative, ambitious, or any kind of person you want to be. But, whenever we dream at night, it is not in our control anymore and it may be something good, or bad. Hence, one should be careful about what they dream at night.

Riddle #118

I am a king but also a common device of measure. What am I?

Answer: Ruler


In this riddle speaker is asking about something called king and also a common device to measure, so the answer to this riddle is “ruler”, king is also called ruler as it rules the umpire and it is also a device which is commonly used to measure distance in notebook.

Riddle #119

If you lose me you may cause people around me to lose me too. What am I?

Answer: Temper


The correct answer for this riddle is “Temper”. Temper arises when one is angry and he loses his capabilities to think correctly and hence makes the wrong decisions at that moment. When one loses temper, he may cause disturbance to the people around him and may cause violent actions. This often leads to misunderstanding and the relation among people is affected significantly. Hence, one must be very careful and not take any actions while he is angry and has lost his temper.

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