Logic puzzles

3 Best logic puzzles

Logic puzzles are good to train our minds and it can be both entertaining and educational at the same time. Logic puzzle requires critical thinking and good problem solving skills to solve. There are different varieties of puzzles, like jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, sudoku, logic puzzles, brain teasers etc.

Today we brought 3 logic puzzles for you which are educational as well as fun to solve.

Puzzle 1

Guess the age? It’s Tony’s birthday and Tony is enjoying his birthday with his family. Your task is to guess the age of the tony. only a genius can solve this in 10 seconds.

Watch the video:

Answer and Explanation

Answer of the above puzzle is 7.
To solve the above puzzle, you have to watch the image carefully, its just a picture of a family celebrating the birthday but if you notice the candles, there are total seven candles on the cake. In most of the countries usually in the celebration of birthday of the kids, we put candles on a cake according to the age of the kid.

Puzzle 2

Choose a door? There are three doors in front of you and the treasure is behind only one of the doors but
Door A says C have the treasure
Door B says A is a liar
Door C says B is a liar
but C always tells the truth so your task is to identify behind which door the treasure is hidden.

Watch video here:

Answer and Explanation

Answer of this puzzle is Door C. Door C have the treasure.

If you break down each statement given by the door, which is
At first door A says that Door C have the treasure but Door A is lying according to Door B, now if we listen to the statement of Door C, he says that Door B is lying and we have another state about Door C that is, Door C always tells the truth, which means What ever Door C said is truth and according to the Door C, Door B is the liar which means statement of Door B is wrong, that makes the statement of Door A correct which is Door C have the treasure.

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Puzzle 3

Find the error?. Your task is to identify, what’s wrong in this image, only people with sharp observation skills can solve this in 10 seconds.

Watch video here:

Answer and Explanation

To solve this puzzle you need sharp eyes or good observation skills, As you can see that there is a table clock on the table and there is another clock on the wall, if you notice the timings on both of the clocks, both the clocks have different timings. only one of the clock can be correct. So that is the only error in this image.

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