Who is the killer: Survival Battle

Killer mystery

Killer Mystery: When Jealousy Turns Deadly

Alex is a hardworking employee in a well known company in the middle of the city. he had worked tirelessly to climb for the promotion and earned respect and love of his co-workers. But some people in his company were jealous as Alex was working flawlessly and getting praise from everyone.

killer mystery

Mark was one of these people. Mark works with the Alex, he was jealous from Alex because mark thought he was going to get the promotion but instead Alex got the promotion. So Mark had a grudge against Alex and he was planning for revenge for past few months, he lost sight since Alex is getting all the recognition.

Alex started getting death threats on call, Mark planned it all out, he decided to hire killer to kill Alex.

After a long day at work as he was packing his things and getting ready to leave the office, but he couldn’t faze the uneasy feeling that had been there since the first death treat he received on a call. Alex works in a high stress environment and he was used to getting angry clients but these death threats felt different.

Killer mystery

As he reaches the elevator, both the elevator opens at the same time in front of him and he realises the killer is standing in front of him. His heart rate goes up as he sees the killer and try to runaway from him.


Find the killer Sam has been getting death threats for the past few days after finishing the office Sam was heading towards the home as he reaches the elevator he notices the killer did you notice only people with a good presence of mind can notice the killer and solve this killer mystery.


The guy on the right is the killer because he is not wearing the ID card of the company and his lift is coming upwards.


As you can see the guy left is wearing the the ID card and his lift going downwards but he is portrayed as the strong guy because he got big muscles, so some of the people might get confused. But on the other hand, the guy on the right is not wearing the ID card of the company and his lift is coming upwards which makes him the suspect.

Alex notices the killer immediately, his reflexes take over and Alex runs back inside as his heart races faster with fear. Feared Alex dials the security number and as soon as the call reaches to the security he immediately tells them about the situation and the person who came up to kill him in the elevator.

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After hearing about the situation, security rushes towards the elevator as Alex breathing heavily and waiting for the security to arrive, minutes seemed to last forever and each second felt like eternity.

Suddenly the sound of security guards comes from the hallway and a group of security guards arrives at the scene and starts looking for the suspected person in every room. After seeing the security officers, killer hides inside one of room of the building.

One of the security guard notices the killer hiding inside the room and catches him, Alex seemed relieved after watching the killer in the custody of security guards and unravelled the killer mystery.

Alex was safe and showed the deep appreciation for the quick response of the security team and Alex quick reflex saved his that day. But after what happened that day, he couldn’t get rid of the uneasy feeling but at the same time he was relieved th.t safety measures were there to keep him and his co-workers safe.

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