Guess the Country: Unknown Land

flags of the world quiz

Flags of the world quiz: Guess the country

A man named James was working in an corporate company, He was stressed out of working and wanted to take a break from his work life. He planned for solo trip, and went on short vacation for a weekend. While we was travelling in the bus, he saw mesmerizing views and was feeling good. When he reached his destination place, he decide to go out for a walk. Suddenly, a group of men followed him and kidnapped him in a vehicle. He was blindfolded, and he had no idea what’s going on.

flags of the world quiz

James then tried to call for help, but he couldn’t do anything. The kidnappers drove him to a very long distance and James had no idea where he was heading towards. After hours of driving, he was thrown out of the vehicle without any notice. When he saw his bag and wallet, he realized that he was robbed and had no money. He was left all alone in an unknown place.

Then. he thought to seek help from local people and police. He travelled for a while, and then saw a small town. He was relieved seeing this and ran towards the town to seek help. He then somehow came to the local market of that place. When he noticed people talking, he found that they were speaking completely different language, and James had no idea about that language.

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When he tried to talk with those people, they couldn’t understand what James was speaking, and similarly James couldn’t understand their language. He then realized that it’s just waste of time to try to communicate with them. He then started to look for police station to ask for help, but couldn’t find the police station. After hours of efforts, James still couldn’t find the place he was left in and he started to feel anxious. After all, he had no money, was left with nothing and was all alone.

Suddenly he started to notice every little detail that was in front of him to find the place he was in. Your task here is to find that place where is in.

flags of the world quiz


Answer: The flag of Spain can be observed in few places.


When you observe the image carefully, we can firstly see the James t-shirt that spells New-York. This doesn’t possible mean that he is in New-York. When we notice the food and dishes around him, it’s fairly hard to find the cuisine and the place where it belongs to. The weather and the architecture are still not enough to guess the name of the place he is in. So, what place could this possibly be?

Well, this mystery can he solved with good knowledge and understanding of flags of world. When we observe carefully, we can see few flags that are kept in the stalls and the shops. Flags are unique for every nation and one can find the name of the place through it, or simply, flags are the symbol of the nation. In order to solve this mystery, one must have good knowledge about the flags of the world. And here, the flag belongs to Spain. So, the place where he was bought was Spain.

TLDR; James was an corporate employee and he took a break for short vacation. He was kidnapped while he was solo travelling and bought to unknow place and was left with no money. We have to find the place where he is in. After observing the image carefully, we can notice few Spain’s flag, which means he was in Spain. It can be only solved when one has good knowledge about flags of world.

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