How did the killer escape: The Escape Mystery

escape room mystery

Escape room mystery: How did the killer escape

This as an escape room mystery that you have to solve based on the scenario.

A women used to work in corporate company. She was recently awarded with “Employee of the Year”, and was celebrating it with her friends. She was having fun with her colleagues, but suddenly a man came and started to argue with her out of nowhere. Few people came and told the guy to leave as he was creating nuisance.

After the party ended, she took the cab and headed towards her home. She noticed a car following her, but then she ignored it thinking that it might be her misunderstanding and reached her home. She was feeling a little bad because of the argument she had. She then thought to freshen herself, so she went to the bathroom for taking bath, sat in her bathtub and was relaxed.

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Suddenly, her neighbour heard a scream from her house and called the cops. When the cops reached her house, they firstly found the door closed from inside, so they have to break the door. Upon entering the room, they found her dead body laying on the bathtub and started the investigation. This is the crime scene and you have to collect all the clues. Your task here is to carefully observe the scene and find the killer and solve the escape room mystery.

escape room mystery
Image by vectorpocket on Freepik


The killer is hiding behind the curtains.


Upon collecting all the clues, here are few observations that are made. There could be multiple scenario that could’ve happened based on the image. The killer would’ve escaped from this room in fear of getting caught when he heard the sirens from police cars.

Firstly, we can see there is blood coming from the women, so it means she has been killed through some object. We can also see the knife below the window, which means that she was killed by the knife. The killer must’ve used this as a murder weapon. But the question is, where did the killer go after murdering the women? Let us try to solve this escape room mystery.

After collecting all the clues, we can see that there are multiple options for him to escape from the room. The easiest one is the door, but as we already mentioned that it was locked from inside and cops have to break the door, it means that killer didn’t escape from the door. Other option can be the window here, and as the knife is just below the window, killer might’ve escaped from there and left the knife by mistake while jumping.

But it is not an good option to just jump out of the window from this height. Another option could be the vent that can be seen above the bathtub, the killer might’ve climbed it somehow and crawled from there to escape the room. But, how did he climb up there, and could he crawl from such small place? What could be the answer for this escape room mystery?

As far as we can tell, we have 2 options, the window and the vent, but what could it really be from these 2 options. Or, could be there be any other thing that we’re missing?

Well, that’s not it. If you observe the scene carefully, you can slightly see the foot of the killer near the bucket. That explains it! The killer is hiding behind the curtains and the bathtub to hide himself, and he never really escaped form the crime scene. The escape room mystery is finally solved.

TLDR; The women was murdered in her own house after the office party. After investigation, we found out that the killer was hiding behind the curtains but was eventually caught.

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