Detective Puzzle: Unlocking mental benefits

Detective puzzles
Detective puzzles

Benefits of detective puzzles

There are many perks to detective puzzles for both professionals and amateurs. They make people better at critical thinking by making them look at data, find patterns, and come to logical conclusions. Also, handling puzzles improves your ability to deal with problems, since detectives have to come up with creative answers to hard cases. Because even the smallest clues can be important in solving a case, these tasks also help you pay attention to details and notice things. Also, doing detective games can help you remember things and think more clearly.

Lastly, figuring out puzzles makes you feel good about yourself and gives you motivation to take on more tasks. Overall, detective puzzles are a fun and satisfying way to keep your mind sharp and improve important detective skills.

Puzzle 1

Liam challenged our detective but detective answered cleverly. Can you solve this riddle.

watch video here

Answer and Explanations

Answer of this riddle is “Patience”.

As you can see in the video. Liam asked a riddle from out detective and he cleverly answered back with the sentence “It is what you don’t have right now”. So as you can see Liam was spamming the messages and being Impatient so Liam was clearly lacking “Patience”.

This riddle refers to the power of patience, how waiting can change things. Most people finds waiting boring or annoying but if you are patience, you can learn many things and grow. There are many benefits of waiting or being patient, it can help people learn more about themselves and world around them. If people stop thinking waiting as a waste of time and use that time to learn, observe and grow then patience can lead them towards greater knowledge and insight.

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Puzzle 2

Decrypt the code. On your adventure, you are searching for an old door with codes, Instructions are given to Decrypt the code. Read the instructions carefully. only people with good problem solving skills can solve this.

watch video here

Answer and Explanations

Answer of this puzzle is “N I W”.

There are total 5 lines of codes and if we match the each line of instructions to the each line of code, So,
In the first line of code, that is

according to the first instruction any letter can be correct.

In the Second line of code, that is

according to the second instruction again any letter can be correct but since “C” is appearing twice there are chances that letter “C” can be one of the codes.

In the third line of code, that is

according to the third instruction two letter are correct, letter “W” is one of the codes, because its also appearing in the third line and one of the letter in second line of code is correct which makes the letter “W” one of the codes.

In the Fourth line of code, that is

according to fourth instruction, none of the code is correct that means letter “F”, “H”, “K” are not the codes.

In the fifth line of code, that is

according to the fifth line one letter is correct, letter “F” is not the correct code because of the previous statement, letter “I” is one of the code, if you read the first instruction again only one letter is correct, so letter “I” is present in both the lines of code so according to the first instruction letter “I” is correct and well placed. which makes the letter “C” and “G” invalid codes.
Now the reamining codes “W”, “I” and “N”, but this not the correct order, correct order is “N I W” because according to the third line of code and instruction letter “W” is correct but it is placed wrong, Hope it clears everything.

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