Puzzle Picture: The art of puzzle solving

Benefits of solving puzzles.

Putting together puzzles is a fun and satisfying activity that is good for your mind and spirit in many ways. You get better at cognitive skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and visual reasoning as you get deeper into the world of puzzles. Each puzzle piece you solve makes you feel good about your abilities and boosts your confidence, which encourages you to take on even more difficult jobs.

Puzzles are also a great way to relax and forget about the worries of everyday life. They can be calming and meditative, which can help you be more aware and clear your mind. They also bring people together when they are solved with family or friends, which promotes teamwork and social contact. When you’re working a puzzle, whether it’s a jigsaw, a crossword, puzzle picture, or a complicated riddle, the process is just as rewarding as the result. It gives you a lot of chances to learn, grow, and have fun.

Puzzle 1

Who is the boss? Some office workers and the boss are having a meeting at the boss’s office, your task is to identify, who is the boss. watch the image carefully and use your detective skills to solve this.

watch video here

Answer and Explanation

In this picture, we can see a office and thee person are there in the office. They are in a meeting, but your task is to identify the boss among thee of them, they are wearing similar formal dresses and its very difficult to find the boss among them. In order to solve this riddle you have to look very carefully in the image.

Before I tell you the answer, lets watch that coat at the back of the chair, if you have seen it, you are very close to the answer, as that chair belong to the boss so only he can keep his coat on that chair and now looking closely in the picture, answer to this riddle is the person standing at the rightmost. Hope it clears everything.

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Puzzle 2

Identify his girlfriend?. Some friends went to the club, but one of the girls is the guy’s girlfriend, your task is to identify the girlfriend of the guy.

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Answer and Explanation

Answer of the above puzzle is the girl who is wearing red skirt or standing on the most right.
In above puzzle a guy went to the club with her friends but one of them is his girlfriend. In order to solve this puzzle you need to watch the image carefully, there are few baits used in this picture such as tattoos or some people may point out the girls girls standing close to her but if you look closely on his t-shirt, there is embroidery on the bottom of his t-shirt and similar type of embroidery is present on the skirt of the girl standing at the most right.

Anyone can have tattoos but having the similar embroidery proves that they are couple because they are similar so it can only be done by the same person, hope it clears everything.


What word is spelled incorrectly in every dictionary?

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Answer and Explanation

This riddle is simple yet forces you to think about different words, so as the speaker says that the word is 11 letter long and pronounced incorrectly. Words are usually pronounced correctly, if you pronounce them incorrectly it is either intentionally or maybe because the person is not native English speaker but then they lose the correct meaning of it, Answer of the riddle is “incorrectly” itself, Answer is cleverly hidden in the riddle by using the creative wordplay, hope it clears everything.

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