Daily Puzzle: puzzle and riddle challenges

Daily puzzle and riddle challenges and solutions

We hope you enjoy working through our daily puzzles! Here are the solutions and explanations to the brain-teasing problems that were presented the day before.

Your ability to solve problems and your mental agility were put to the test by the puzzles you completed yesterday, which provided a fun and interesting method to test your abilities.

Stay tuned for further daily puzzle challenges and solutions, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another round of brain teasers for your enjoyment!

Puzzle 1

Who is lying?. A car collided with a light pole, sparking a fight between two individuals. Your task is to identify, who broke the pole, watch the image carefully.

watch the video

Answer and Explanation

Answer of this above puzzle is, the yellow shirt guy broke the pole,
In above puzzle two individuals are fighting over the broken pole, one of them collided his car to the pole, and broke the pole. If you watch the image carefully and match the prints of the tyres to the car of the yellow shirt guy, it is clearly visible that he broke the pole.

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Puzzle 2

Find the time gap? A guy went to the doctor. Doctor gave him 4 pills and tells him to eat in the difference of 40 mins. So what will be the time gap between first and the last pill. use your sharp mind to solve this.

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Answer and Explanation

Answer of this puzzle is 120 minutes.
As doctor instructed him to eat the pills in the difference of 40 mins, so, lets say he eats the first pill at 0th minute then he will eat the second pill after 40 mins, that adds up to total of 40 mins and two pills, Now third pill again he will eat after 40 mins which adds up to 80 mins and for the final last pill add the 40 minutes again which makes the total of 120 minutes. Some of the people might get confused and answer 160 minutes, trick behind solving this is start with the 0th minute, hope it clears everything.

Puzzle 3

I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. What am I?

watch the video

Answer and Explanation

This riddle is referring to the echo. Echo is the natural event in which sound waves bounces from one surface to another and comes back to the listener. For example when you are in a cave or in an empty room or in a mountain and you start saying things loudly or scream, your sound waves reflects and makes you think like someone is talking from the other side. So above example clearly explains that echo are only produced when sound waves are already present, which also clearly proves that they speak without mouth and hear without ear, hope it clears everything.

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