Puzzle Master: Path to Excellence

Puzzle Master: Path to Excellence

Become a Puzzle Master

A journey to become a puzzle master takes hard work, patience, and a love of challenges. Start by trying out different kinds of puzzles, like sudoku, crosswords, and logic tasks. Play around with different types of puzzles to see what you like best.

As you play games, make sure you know how each type works and what the rules are. Learn common methods and techniques for solving problems and use them often to get better at it. If you want to learn more, don’t be afraid to look for puzzle books, online groups, and tutorials.

To get good at puzzles, you need to practise them often. Set aside time every day to work on puzzles, and as your skills improve, make the tasks harder. Try new tasks that you haven’t seen before to keep your mind sharp and your skills growing.

Also, encourage a mind that is interested and open to questions. When solving problems, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try out different methods and ideas. Work together with other puzzle fans, share ideas and tips, and learn from each other’s mistakes.

Above all, have fun as you solve the puzzle. Enjoy the task, be proud of your accomplishments, and learn from your mistakes. You can become a real puzzle master if you don’t give up, are passionate about it, and are ready to learn.

Count the mouse

Count the mouse. I bought a mouse at a pet shop and put it in a cage.
The pet shop owner told me that a mouse can have up to five babies at once, every three months after it is born.
By the end of the year, how many mice will I have? Whoever solves this in 10 seconds, gets the free mice.

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Answer and Explanation

Answer of the above puzzle is: 1
All the information are given to distract you, if you think cleverly that I have only 1 mouse and pair of mouse is required for reproduction. So there are no chances of having babies, hope it clears everything.

Total attempts required

Total Attempts required. Lisa was camping at night, It was very dark in the forest. Lisa torch requires two batteries to light up and she has total 8 batteries, out of which 4 are charged and 4 are not but she doesn’t know that which batteries are charged and which ones not

So What is the least number of attempts Lisa needs to light up the torch? whoever answers this correctly gets the free light.

Puzzle Master: Path to Excellence

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Answer and Explanation

Answer of the above puzzle is:
Lisa should divide the batteries in 3 groups.
two groups of 3 and one group of 2. So there are chances that at least one of the group contains 2 working batteries, but there are chances that a group of 3 can contain all working batteries.
If Lisa is unlucky
then a group of 3 will require 3 attempts to verify the working batteries.
lets say group A contains battery A, B and C
so total attempts will be
3 + 3 + 1 = 7

if Lisa is lucky
she might find the working batteries in her first attempt itself.

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