Riddle me this: Journey of mind bending riddles


Riddle me this: Journey of mind bending riddles

Join this journey of mind bending riddles, these riddles are tricky and interesting to solve and will bend your mind with the clever wordplay, enjoy the adventure.

Riddle #120

Some people avoid me,
some people count me,
some people just consume me.
What am I?

Riddle #120 by sphinxriddles

Answer: Calories


As the answer to this riddle is Calories, we can say that calories affect every person differently. As per the riddle first line “Some people avoid me” can be interrupted as for peoples who are trying to be health conscious and do not want to consume more than needed calories for a healthy body. Now as per the second line says “Some people count me” it also includes people with health conscious in mind. There can be many types of people who counts calories like who want to maintain their weight, who wants to gain weight or those trying to lose weight.

As for the last line “Some people just consume me” this can be said for peoples who don’t just happily consume calories on daily basis without the worry of any calories count as they just love to eat what they like in moment. So with this riddle we can se that the calories can affect every other person differently which can depend on thier situations or perspective to their health or lifestyle. Through this riddle we can say calories can make relation between foods and health little bit complicated. So with this we learn just consume healthy and stay healthy.

Riddle #121

I can never be stolen from you.
I am owned by everyone.
Some have more, some have less.
What am I?

Riddle #121 by sphinxriddles

Answer: Knowledge


From the start of the humanity we can say Knowledge made what we are today, so as to this riddles answer is knowledge we will be seeing the explanation from the perspective of knowledge. Now for the first line “I can never be stolen from you” as we know once you learn something you won’t be forgetting it easily and nobody else can stole the knowledge from you as it is just inside your mind and not a physical thing.

Now for the second line “I am owned by everyone” it is referring to that knowledge is something that can’t be owned by any specific person or group of person it is something that is available for everyone and learn by any person.

Now the last line “Some have more, some have less” this line is saying that not everyone have the same knowledge even if they the same knowledge available to learn it can depend on person to person or their situation, like providing two different people with the same knowledge it’s possible that one of them will consume more information than the other which can depend on their capabilities, interest or just talent. Other than humans perspective theirs many other things that make some have more knowledge than other like lack of resources, not everyone have the same resources for obtaining knowledge so some have less knowledge than other.

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Riddle #122

I’m slender and long,
a wizard’s delight.
Wave me with grace,
and things take flight.
What am I?

Riddle #122 by sphinxriddles

Answer: Wizard’s Wand


A wizard best friend can be said it’s magic wand which is the answer to our riddle here. Now as for the explanation, the first line “I’m slender and long” can be the explanation for the physical features of a magical wand, a wand slender and long so it fits the description. The second line “a wizard’s delight” can be said for the joy that a wand brings them because as we know the wizard loves magic and the wand helps wizard doing magic that’s why it brings delight to the wizard.

Third line ” Wave me with grace and things take flight” is a reference to when wizard or magicians uses it’s wand with grace and make things float in the air, just like levitating things in the air. So with this we can confirm that a wand is long and slender, it brings joy to the wizard and it helps them to levitate thing in the air, with this i hope everything will be clear.

Riddle #123

I follow the flash, a powerful sound.
I shake the earth when I come around.
What am I?

Riddle #123 by sphinxriddles

Answer: Thunder


Thunder is something can that makes us happy ,sad or scared it depends on person to person or their situation as thunder is the signal for the rain, like happy for those waiting for rain, sad for whom raining will make their work difficult and scared for those who don’t like the loud sound of thunder.

Now for the explanation as the first line says ” I follow the flash, a powerful sound” first part can be the reference to, as we know that light’s speed is faster than the sound and anytime we see a thunder we see the lighting first then we hear the sound. Now the second part can be the same as the thunder brings a loud sound with it. Aa for second line “I shake the earth when i come around” can be the shockwave we all feel after the thunder. So with this we can confirm that the thunder is the answer and i hope it clears everything.

Riddle #124

What does a cat have that no other animal has?

Riddle #124 by sphinxriddles

Answer: Kittens


In this riddle, as it says the cat have something that other animals don’t has, which is kitten because other animals have their own babies with different names. So the answer will be kittens which only cats have.

Many other people guessed the answer should be “9 lives” but as it’s controversial in its own and hard to prove and explain we will go with the answer kittens.

Riddle #125

Quiet shelves, stories untold,
Where am I, a wisdom hold?

Riddle #125 by sphinxriddles

Answer: Library


The library is where you can get all the knowledge you want and it is just waiting for you to start unfolding the wisdom. As the answer is Library let’s start the explanation, The first line “Quiet shelves, stories untold” here quiet shelves can be said for the unbroken rule to maintain silence in the library so you and other persons can read in peace, Stories untold can be said the books that are waiting for you to read them and tell you their stories.

The second line “Where am I, a wisdom hold” can be said that a library is somewhere you can find the knowledge and wisdom because of the all books it holds. With this I hope it make everything clear.

Riddle #126

Soft and squishy, ready to aid,
Clearing marks, like a magic thread.

Riddle #126 by sphinxriddles

Answer: Eraser


As the answer is Eraser, first line says “Soft and squishy, ready to aid” Eraser which is both soft and squishy and is always ready to help and do the work because it does not need any time for prepare to use. For the second line “Clearing marks, like a magic thread” means how the eraser clears the pencil marks which looks like magic to the eyes. So we can say that eraser is the answer for this riddle which is soft squishy and always ready to use and helps clear the pencil marks. I hope it clears everything.

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