Interesting Puzzles: Mind-Bending Challenges

Interesting Puzzles: Mind-Bending Challenges

The Joy of Interesting Puzzles

Putting together interesting puzzles is a fun way to solve problems and keep your mind active. There are many types of these puzzles, from simple reasoning and brainteasers to new challenges and difficult riddles. What really makes them interesting is that they can make people curious, creative, and involved in tasks that make them think.

There’s a good mix of fun and mental exercise in solving interesting puzzles, like figuring out a complicated pattern, reading a message written in code, or finding your way through a maze of clues. Not only are these puzzles fun to do, but they also improve your brainpower, encourage creativity, and give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish one. Puzzle fans of all ages can enjoy an enriching and rewarding experience with interesting tasks, whether they do them alone or with others.

Who will not be out

Everyone in this cricket game was bowled out on the first ball they faced. As long as there aren’t any extras in the game. Which batsman will not be out at the end of the inning? If you can solve this in 10 seconds then you are a true genius.

watch video here

Answer and Explanations

The answer of the above puzzle is

No. 8 batsman

All the batsman got bowled out on the first ball they faced

The batman will get out in this order –

  1. batsman 1
  2. batsman 3
  3. batsman 4
  4. batsman 5
  5. batsman 6
  6. batsman 7

Then in 2nd over, No. 2 batsman will come on strike. Now the order will be

  1. batsman 2
  2. batsman 9
  3. batsman 10
  4. batsman 11

So 8th batsman will not be out at the end of the inning, hope it clears everything.

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Who stole the watermelon

Who stole the watermelon. Four people are standing at the counter to pay the bill but one of them has stolen the watermelon. can solve this mystery.

Interesting Puzzles: Mind-Bending Challenges

Watch video here

Answer and Explanations

Answer of the above puzzle is: guy D stole the watermelon
If you look closely, Guy D holding a soccer ball, which is light in weight but from his expression, he seems to be holding something heavy, hope it clears everything.

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