Clever Puzzles: Challenges and Joys

Clever Puzzles:  Challenges and Joys

Charm of Clever Puzzles

Clever puzzles are fun because they combine challenge and creativity in a way that keeps your thoughts busy. They are fun to solve problems and think outside the box because of their clever turns and complicated designs. Every clever puzzle, from cryptic riddles to mind-boggling logic puzzles, gives you a different chance to find secret answers and solve mysteries. Whether you do them by yourself to keep your mind sharp or with family and friends to have fun together, clever puzzles are a fun way to escape into the world of wit and intelligence. Puzzles are a favourite hobby of puzzle fans of all ages because they are fun and keep the mind active.

Puzzle 1

Match the names. Jason, Donald, Paul, David are brothers. your task is to identify them, through given instructions.

Instructions are:-
1. David and Jason are standing between Donald and Paul
2. Paul is on the very right.
3. Jason is standing right next to Donald

Watch video here

Answer and Explanation

Answer: The correct order is Donald, Jason, David, Paul.

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Puzzle 2

Police arrested her why. Before going to work, A couple got into the fight. after coming back home from the office, husband sees the police in his home and found out that his wife had just killed a burglar.
The police said, she killed the thief to protect herself. She told her husband that “I heard the doorbell and thought it was you., When I opened the door, the robber jumped on me, and I was so scared that I killed the burglar right away with the knife.”
Husband told the police to put her wife in jail for planning to kill someone. Why?

Watch video here

Answer and Explanation

In this video we can see that there has been a fight between husband and wife and they both are angry with each other. After that husband leave the house and goes to office for work. When he comes back from work he noticed that there is a dead body lying on the floor and a police officer is there in the house, then the wife says that someone rings the doorbell and when she opens the door a thief jumped on her, In order to protect herself

she killed the thief with knife and called the the police immediately, after hearing this husband says to the officer to arrest her wife. So the puzzle is why did he says that, what was the reason. To get the answer we must have to observe the scenario carefully, So answer to this riddle is, what was she doing with the knife in the door when the thief rings the door bell, She must be willing to kill her husband but unfortunately it was the thief how died, so that’s why husband asked the police officer to arrest his wife, hope it clears everything.

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