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Riddles for thinkers

Riddles for Thinkers: Solving Riddles for Intellectual Pleasure

Get to solve collective “Riddles for thinkers” specially arranged by us. If you have any riddles that you want to share with our community, you can do that on our submit page.

Riddle #56

Precious stones in a pack of cards.

Riddle #56 by SpHiNX



This riddle is easy for the people who play cards or have the knowledge about the cards. There are four types of cards in total which are jack, spades, heart and diamond, So clearly answer of this riddle is diamond. These types of riddles are straightforward yet hard for the people who have never played cards before.

Riddle #57

What gets whiter as it gets dirtier?

Riddle #57 by SpHiNX



This riddle seems simple yet it is confusing because of the clever wordplay. Lets breakdown the above riddle, so it is mentioned in the riddle that our object is getting dirtier as it gets whiter, after breaking down the riddle few things comes into the mind which are white like paint, crayons or chalk, paint and crayons cannot be the answer because they are used to make drawing beautiful but chalk dust makes the chalkboard dirtier and needs to be wiped after every session. It proves that more we use the chalk more the chalkboard gets dirtier, hope it clears everything.

Riddle #58

Which bow can’t be tied?

Riddle #58 by SpHiNX



Again these types of riddles can be easily solved by adding a word before or after the actual word. Correct answer of this riddle is rainbow, rainbow is the natural process which occurs after the rain by the dispersion of light and consists of seven different colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. It is clear that tying a rainbow is not possible. Hope it explains the above riddle.

Riddle #59

When it was young, it had a tail.
When it grew up, it had knees?

Riddle #59 by SpHiNX

Answer: Frog


Answer of the riddle is “Frog”. As the speaker says in the first line that “When it was young it had a tail”, when a frog is newly born they are known as tadpoles. An adult frog gives birth to thousands of tadpoles together and they are very small in size. tadpoles have a tail when they are newly born but as they grow it turns into legs, so an adult frog consists four limbs or legs. So it is clears that the speaker says in the second line that “When it grew up it had knees”, Hope it clears everything.

Riddle #60

What kind of room has no doors or windows?

Riddle #60 by SpHiNX

Answer: Mushrooms


This riddle is little bit tricky and displays that amazing wordplay. Answer of the above riddle is mushroom. A room usually have single or multiple doors and windows but mushrooms does not have any features like that, it is completely closed from all the sides. Sometimes these types of riddles takes time to solve because people usually uses the method of hit and trial, in order to solve this riddle you need to keep adding prefix or suffix to the word room, so it is basically hit and trial that takes time to fit perfect word.

Riddle #61

What goes up and down without moving?

Riddle #61 by SpHiNX

Answer: Stairs


Answer of this riddle is stairs. This riddles shows the amazing wordplay and require little bit of clever thinking to solve. Stairs are stationary, they does not move and are used to connect multiple story buildings. So as the speaker says “What goes up and down without moving”, stairs fit perfectly in the answer. Stairs does not move but people use it to move up and down which works both ways.

Riddle #62

What is red and smells like blue paint?

Riddle #62 by SpHiNX

Answer: Red paint


This riddles is cleverly written by the speaker, as the speaker says that “What is red and smells like blue paint”. People might start thinking about the other things which smells same as the paint but the answer is very simple. Answer of the above riddle is Red paint.
Red paint have same smell or odour as the blue paint which makes this riddle a bit funnier as well. One line riddles are usually simple but displays the clever wordplay which can be easy for some people and tricky for some people at the same time, Hope it clears everything.

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