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We have provided you with some of the handpicked simple riddles that looks easy at first glance but can be tricky at the same time. So check the riddles out and comment if you like the riddles. If you have some of your riddles that you want to share with the community you can do that here, SUBMIT.

Riddle #98

What is a bunny’s favorite music?

Simple Riddles #98 by SpHiNX

Answer: Hip Hop


The answer to this riddle is “Hip Hop”. This riddle is both thoughtful and funny at the same time and the idea behind this riddle is that the person who is going to solve this riddle should use only their imagination. Bunnies don’t listen to the music as we humans listen, but bunny jumps to move around or it can also be said in the casual language that they hop around. Hip hop is kind of music and here in this riddle it is combined with the answer to make this riddle funnier, hope it clears everything.

Riddle #99

What kind of shoes can you make out of banana peels?

Riddle #99 by SpHiNX

Answer: Slippers


Answer of this riddle in “Slipper”. Clever wordplay is used in this riddle, in order to solve this riddle you have to think about the properties of banana, As we all know banana peel is slippery in nature and it is also mentioned in this riddle that which type of shoes or footwear can be made by using peels. Making slippers from banana peels is not possible but to make this riddle funnier or humorous, banana peel is associated with the slippers, Banana peels are slippery, so slippers is taken from the slippery, hope it clears everything.

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Riddle #100

I’m a lion with a human head. Guess my Riddle or you’ll be dead.

Riddle #100 by SpHiNX

Answer: Sphinx


Answer of this riddle is “Sphinx”. As it is mentioned in this riddles that it has human head but a body of lion, It becomes an easy guess for the riddle enthusiasts. Sphinx is a mythical and ancient creature in the Greek mythology which is widely known and famous for asking riddles and if the person fails to answer the riddles, Sphinx used to devour him. It is mentioned in the famous story of Oedipus that how Sphinx was defeated by the Oedipus and later Sphinx killed herself.

Riddle #101

What did zero say to eight?

Riddle #101 by SpHiNX

Answer: Nice belt


This riddle provides both humour and fun, In this riddle speaker says that “What did zero say to eight”. As we all are aware about both the digits, Shape of the zero is circle or ellipse, so if we tie a belt around zero and squeeze it, circle or ellipse will squeeze and will form a shape similar to the digit eight, that why it is said that zero complimented to eight and said “Nice Belt” hope it clears everything.

Riddle #102

What bird can lift the heaviest weight?

Riddle #102 by SpHiNX

Answer: Crane


Answer of this riddle is “Crane”. The bird crane cannot actually lift the heavy weights, But the crane which is referred or associated here is the machine which is made by human to lift heavy weights. Crane is widely used by the construction workers for making buildings or to put heavy stuff from one place to another. To make this riddle funnier, crane is used cleverly, hope it clears everything.

Riddle #103

I cannot be burned in fire or drowned in water. What am I?

Riddle #103 by SpHiNX

Answer: Ice


Answer of this riddle is “Ice”. In order to explain this riddle we need to first understand the properties of ice. It is hard to burn the ice and the density of ice is less than water so ice cannot be drowned in the water, it can easily float in water. This riddle shows the properties of ice and if you know already that makes it easier for you to answer this riddle, hope it clears everything.

Riddle #104

What is flat, usually square, and made from trees but isn’t wood?

Riddle #104 by SpHiNX

Answer: Paper


Answer of this riddle is “Paper”. There are many things we can obtain from the wood, woods can be used to make furniture, to build home and can also be used for the fencing but none of them fits for the answer. There is one more thing which can be made with the use of wood that is paper, paper is usually flat and square. This riddles shows the properties of the tree, Hope it clears everything.

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