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 Interesting Riddles

Riddles Reveal: Discovering Interesting Riddles

Here you will find specially selected “Interesting Riddles” handpicked by us for riddle enthusiasts. So let’s go on the journey with us to the riddle world where you will find every riddle interesting to solve.

Riddle #70

What kind of dog chases anything red?

Riddle #70 by SpHiNX

Answer: A Bull Dog


Answer of the riddle is bull dog. Wordplay cleverly directs you towards any object which is red in color like firetruck or something. But the answer refers to the particular breed of the dog which is “bull dog”, bull seems to chases anything red, so the answer cleverly lies in the breed of the dog, which requires little bit humour to answer and also the skill of interpreting the language in other ways as well.

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Riddle #71

I’m a green veggie that looks like a tiny tree?

Riddle #71 by SpHiNX

Answer: Broccoli


As the speaker says that, it s a green veggie that looks like a tree, speaker is referring to the veggie which is green in colour and giving the big hint in the next part which is “tiny tree”, so speaker wants to say that the veggie looks like a miniature tree. Answer of this riddle is simply “Broccoli”. Broccoli looks like the mini tree. It is an easy guess for the broccoli lovers and it requires knowledge about veggies to answer this riddle.

Riddle #72

A kind of weather that comes your way, but add a “D” and it will run away.

Riddle #72 by SpHiNX

Answer: Rain/Drain


As we all know there are different types of weathers like Sunny, Cold, Stormy, Cloudy etc. Speaker mentioned that it is a kind of weather and if you add D word in it, it will go away. For example lets pick “Sunny”, if we add D at the start of the Sunny, which will become “DSunny” which does not make any sense but there is one season which is “rain”, if we add D at the start of the rain, it becomes “Drain”. Drain is defined as “removing of the content or water”. So, “rain” fits perfectly in the answer, Hope it clears everything.

Riddle #73

I have arms but cannot carry a thing. But wave at me and I wave back at you. What am I?

Riddle #73 by SpHiNX

Answer: Shadow


In order to solve this riddles lets breakdown this riddle into small parts, as the speaker mentioned in the first part that the answer is something which have arms but cannot carry anything and in the second part speaker mentioned that it can wave back, so clearly answer does not have any physical existence but similar to the human because it has same features as human, After breaking down the riddles answer becomes simple that is “Shadow”. Shadows does not exist physically but have arms and can wave back as well, hope it clears everything.

Riddle #74

I am the only organ that named myself. What am I?

Riddle #74 by SpHiNX

Answer: Brain


Answer of this riddles in simple that is “Brain”. But some people can get confuse and some people answers mouth, lips, tongue, but our brain can also be called commander of the body, all the process starts with the thought then brain sends electrical signal to the body parts, which clearly explains that brain is the only organ that named itself.

Riddle #75

I’m white, perfect for cutting and grinding. For most animals I am a useful tool. What am I?

Riddle #75 by SpHiNX

Answer: teeth


The answer of this riddles is “teeth”. As the speaker mentioned in the first part that it is white and perfect for cutting and grinding. Teeth are useful tool for animals. Human uses teeth’s for biting and chewing but animals uses the for hunting and killing their prey. Answer of this riddle is simple, to solve this riddle you just to think visually and connect all the images, after all solving riddles is all about connecting or gathering all the available information or clues.

Riddle #76

What 11-letter English word is always pronounced incorrectly?

Riddle #76 by SpHiNX

Answer: Incorrectly


This riddle is simple yet forces you to think about different words, so as the speaker says that the word is 11 letter long and pronounced incorrectly. Words are usually pronounced correctly, if you pronounce them incorrectly it is either intentionally or maybe because the person is not native English speaker but then they lose the correct meaning of it, Answer of the riddle is “incorrectly” itself, Answer is cleverly hidden in the riddle by using the creative wordplay, hope it clears everything.

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