Effortless Riddles: Delighting in Easy Riddles


Effortless Riddles: A Playful Challenge for All Ages

These effortless riddles are provided by us are for all ages of riddles sol;vers. If you love to rush of solving a riddles then these will make your mind and heart fill with joy. Comment if you like the riddles and let us know.

Riddle #105

I am often found in doctor’s offices and pirate flags. What am I?

Effortless Riddles #105 by SPHINX

Answer: Skull


As the answer is Skull, riddle first line says that “I am often found in doctor’s offices” we know that doctor are the one who study human body so they can make us healthy and make diseases go away. So whenever we go to the doctor’s offices we can se many human body reference like full body charts and skull if human which helps them study the structure of human body.

Now for the second part “pirate flags” we have seen in movies and throughout history that pirate lived using the human skull as the symbol for their flags because it made their presence scary for other peoples. So from both lines we can found that both doctor office and pirate flag have one common thing that is human skull. I hope this clears everything.

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Riddle #106

I remain unseen but hold many things, and when you are making a decision you consult me. What am I?

Riddle #106 by SpHiNX

Answer: Mind/Brain


The answer for this riddle is Mind/Brain which we can confirm from the first line that “I remain unseen but hold many things” which is referring that brain brain can’t ne seen from the outside because it is covered by the human skull and body, and it holds many thing can be said for things like knowledge, memories or our human body functioning capacity.

As for the line “When you are making a decision you consult me” can be said like in our human body brain is the part that we use to think so whenever we try to make some decisions brain is the first thing that we connect and consult. So we can say that Mind or Brain is the answer for this riddle.

Riddle #107

Both old people and owls are said to be possessing this trait.

Riddle #107 by SpHiNX

Answer: Wise or Wisdom


Wise is the answer for this riddle which can be found in both old people and owls, for old people being wise comes from their lifetime of experience and knowledge and throughout their lifetime they make many tough decisions sometimes they made good or bad so after going through all of this they gain good judgement, it can be good judgement of character or decision making which only comes from experience.

Now for owls the wise trait comes from their physical features, their big and still eyes that can be seen throughout daytime and as they sit still whole day in one place just like old peoples we can say that looking at owl it looks like a wise character. So we can say this is why both old people and owls have wise trait.

Riddle #108

Why do French people like to eat snails?

Riddle #108 by SpHiNX

Answer: They don’t like to eat fast food


This riddle can be said the mix of both funny and french peoples characteristics of the past. As we know that snail here is referring to being slow, like how snail moves slowly in real life. As for french people, in the past they didn’t like to eat fast food. So them being linking to eat snail is not the main thing here it’s just a way to say that how they don’t like eating fast food. In this riddle its just the play of words “Slow” from slow characteristics of snail and “fast” from fast food.

Riddle #109

I occur twice in eternity.And I’m always within sight.What am i?

Riddle #109 by SpHiNX

Answer: Letter T


This riddle can be seen as the play of words and letters, as the first part says “I occur twice in eternity” we can see that letter T comes two times in “eternity”. As for second part “I’m always within sight” it does not means that you can see everytime or its always in front of you, its just a play of word which means the letter T is within sight like it is inside the word sight. So we can say theri is no connection between eternity and sight here it’s just a play of words and if you listen the riddle carefully you will understand what it’s asking for.

Riddle #110

What is often returned, but never borrowed?

Riddle #110 by SpHiNX

Answer: Thanks


People often share things with each other. This may include any object, or the kind words said to someone when in need. As a part of gratitude, we often say people “Thanks” or “Thank You”. So, whenever we thanks someone, we show them respect and return them our thanking as a warm way. This word is always returned, and it is not borrowed. We never ask someone for it as it is something that is earned. One cannot expect to receive Thanking without any effort they make for others. It is very kind way of wishing and telling someone about being there.

Riddle #111

When you take away the whole from me,there is always some left. What am I?

Riddle #111 by SpHiNX

Answer: Wholesome


This riddle cleverly talks about the word “Wholesome”. If we observe this word closely, it is combined of two words, whole and some which have different meanings. If we remove the word “Whole” from this word, we are only left with word “Some”. This riddle is very clear once it has been noticed, but it might brainstorm you as both the words whole and some have very unique and different meaning.

The whole here does not represent the quantity of something, rather, it means the first half of the letter “Wholesome”. Once “whole” is removed from the word wholesome, we now only have second half of the word, i.e. “some”.

Riddle #112

I shrink smaller every time I take a bath.What am I?

Riddle #112 by SpHiNX

Answer: Soap


The easy explanation for this riddle is “soap”. The word shrink means to reduce, or decrease the size of any object. We all are well aware of the physical properties of soap. We rub the soap all over the body, and it gradually decreases its size whenever we use it as some part of it is being used while we bath. Whenever we take a bath, it is certain to use soap as it helps the body to freshen up and clean it. While using the soap, it is distributed all over the body which in result decreases and reduces the size of the soap. The soap gets smaller and smaller each time we use it. Hope this clears it.

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